(KARVONSO) brand culture

(KARVONSO) from classic costumes are Italian roots full draw cultural essence of European classical costumes, elegant luxury, Thatcher, honorable men of the window in an upper story carefully crafted Lee style with Orientals physical characteristics, temperament refined version the type alone turns workmanship carved.

(KARVONSO) has always insisted on the "noble and fashionable, popular and elegant compatible" concept, continue to catch up with the world of fashion and popular, full of elegance and fashion brand culture. Since the brand entered the mainland in 2011, the release of the Thatcher elegance, favored by the success of men with the social elite. (KARVONSO) brand continues the classic romantic cultural connotations, Zhang Yang Gaogui distinctive brand personality.

Independence turns elegant design style of (KARVONSO), the top of the fabric, fully demonstrated the new concept, flowing romantic atmosphere. Any occasion can not conceal the wearer's dignity and taste, while creating a comfortable and casual era combined with natural taste the best personality endorsement of the successful men of the city.