Italy KARVONSO brand welcome you to join the ranks of the VIP! You will enjoy discounts, bonus points and a series of membership benefits, we will provide you with satisfactory service quality, high-quality fashion goods, elegant and comfortable shopping environment! Make your shopping a pleasure, in order to better safeguard your rights and interests, please carefully read this Prospectus.

A,VIP card application requirements and application procedures

◆where a one-time spending of more than 5,000 can apply for VIP membership card

◆total consumption within a year more than 10,000 yuan

Note: 1. Buy can apply for VIP card (Note: purchase of goods 20 or more)

(2) for VIP card to enjoy VIP benefits only after the consumer

Application procedures

◆qualify customers, who on the day of shopping vouchers, VIP customer service in the shop at Jakes fill in 'KARVONSO' VIP Card Application Form" to provide relevant information to the staff checks, audited to meet the requirements, you can receive. Note: fill in the information must be complete so that we can provide you with the VIP service.

B,VIP to enjoy the rights and interests

◆members receive VIP video card, the card face to show consumption points, the amount of

stored-value, membership and other information, and updated in real time with the consumer

◆VIP card members can enjoy 15% discount on regular priced merchandise; but not with the store discount card or other activities superimposed,

◆month membership to enjoy birthday gift.

◆Member consumption can be points and redeem gifts

◆birthday shopping can enjoy double points, special holidays, consumer can enjoy the times points.

◆can enjoy free dry cleaning service (criteria: merchandise can be purchased in the dry cleaning shop three times).

◆receive free shoe care and maintenance, to modify long pants, waist circumference, ironing, mending small buckle, belt punch and so on.

◆entitled to purchase a membership specifically for priority in purchasing new products and goods.

◆magazine free of charge access to goods and other event information,

◆enjoy the gift of great holiday activities to promote

C, VIP consumption processes VIP card to show to enjoy the consumer brand of checkout — — Update VIP card VIP

VIP card to show to enjoy the consumer brand of checkout — — Update VIP card VIP discount points

D, the Member Note:

◆ To protect the interests of members, VIP membership card implementation of 'one person, one card, someone special' principle, your VIP card spending.

◆ VIP Member Service Hotline: 021-63170715.

◆ VIP members can query through the following points:

1. Directly display the card face

2. Call

◆ VIP card loss should immediately report to the card shop to re-apply for new card, to avoid losses, KARVONSO video card loss and go through the process:

1. VIP membership card members who appear lost or damaged, the cardholder with valid documents to the card shop to open for VIP card loss reporting procedures, or telephone loss, loss hotline: 021-63170715.

2. New card processing time is 7 days, 7 days after the member can report the loss to the card holders of valid documents to receive a new card shop.

Note: For VIP during the loss to buy goods, may apply to the consumer shops, VIP status is confirmed onlv after the treatment to eniov VIP discount